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Terry Coleman

New Asbestos Act Regulations

Did you know there are now over 355 pages of new asbestos acts regulations and approved codes of practice with more being added this year?
Do you know the basic requirements you need to follow?
DO you know if you are a Person Controlling a Business or Undertaking? (PCBU)? Or a workplace PCBU?
Do you own premises what are your responsibilities? Do you lease premises? What are your responsibilities?
What if people are working under your company banner as a sub trade or retailer do you have responsibilities?
If you are a board chairman do you have responsibilities regarding asbestos?
There are so many questions that you could have when there are over 300 pages of new regulations and laws.
What do you have to do to manage any asbestos that may be present in your buildings?
While we won’t have time to answer all questions 300 + pages raise. Coleman consulting hopes to give you a brief synopsis to help you on your way by using our combined knowledge base with our company of over 20 years.

Terry entered the demolition industry straight from school and is a second-generation demolition expert.

Using his vast knowledge of asbestos related issues gained over the years in the demolition business, Terry has helped steer the development of new methodologies to help manage the asbestos issues in New Zealand. He is highly respected in the Industry for coming up with creative and innovative solutions to asbestos related problems. Terry strives for excellence in the industry.

His commitment to ensure all removals and tests are completed to strict rules and adherence to NZ Legislation and Standards is non-negotiable.

Terry is an inaugural member of the New Zealand Demolition Association now known as the New Zealand Demolition and Asbestos Association (NZDAA). Terry was on the NZDAA working committee that produced the New Zealand Guidelines for the Management and Removal of Asbestos 3rd edition. He is also on the latest NZDAA asbestos committee that is having input toward the forthcoming regulation changes.