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Terence Yeo - Micro Powders

Composite Particle Technology for Efficiency and Performance of Wax Additives

This presentation aimed to introduce the different type of polymeric wax additives and its use in coatings, inks and a variety of different industry applications.

In particular, this presentation will demonstrate the use of composite particle technology, its efficiency and performance to provide benefits, surface modifications and protection to coatings, inks and other industry applications.

Please find following a breakdown of Terence's Industry Experience:

  • Allied Colloids, UK - Dispersing Agents, Acrylic Thickeners, Acrylic Resins for Printing Inks, Defoamers, Acrylamide flocculants for wastewater and potable water treatment.

  • Daniel Products Company, USA - Polymeric dispersants for high pigment solids dispersion, Inorganic and Organic Pigment Dispersions (Solvent and Water based), Specialty Defoamers, Surface Active and Levelling agents, Specialty Driers, Micronised Waxes.

  • Avecia AP, USA/Europe - Acrylic copolymers and homo polymers and applications in coatings and inks and adhesives. PU dispersions for Glove Coatings and SBU for Printing Inks and Packaging Inks.

  • Degussa/Evonik/Orion, Germany - Specialty Carbon Blacks for the Coatings, Inks, Plastics and Specialty Applications.

  • MPI, USA - Full range of polymers and wax additives for the Coatings and Inks industries.