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Paul Dietz

TiO2 Efficiency in Coatings: Products and techniques for Opacity Optimisation

TiO2 is often poorly dispersed and crowded in coating systems, particularly at higher pigment volume concentrations. As TiO2 continues to be a major cost in coatings, formulators are coming under ever-increasing pressure to find solutions that enable them to make the most efficient use of their TiO2 and thus help to reduce cost whilst ideally maintaining product performance and quality.

Using their extensive knowledge of precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) and TiO2 technologies, FP-Pigments have developed a new range of unique opacity pigments designed to improve TiO2 utilisation, maintain product quality and performance and to significantly reduce formulation costs. Based on TiO2, these functional pigments are used as partial replacements for the existing TiO2 in a coatings formulation.

The mechanism to improve spacing of TiO2 is explained in this paper together with explanations of the multiple techniques available to the formulator for improving the efficiency of TiO2 in coatings. Examples of several methods coupled with the simple weight-for-weight exchange with FP-Pigment and minimum or no reformulation help to ensure these pigments are a cost-effective addition to the formulators’ armoury.

Paul joined FP-Pigments Oy in 2010, as their Group Technical Director with a global responsibility for introducing their new patented Opacity Pigment to the Coatings and Plastics markets. A Graduate in Chemistry from the University of Teesside and a Fellow in the Technology of Surface Coatings, in his current role Paul is responsible for providing the technical lead for FP-Pigments and for the technical service support for FP-Pigments customers across the globe.

Prior to joining FP-Pigments, Paul worked for 2 years for Imerys Minerals Ltd as their coatings Technical Service Manager and for 23 years for Huntsman Pigments (Tioxide) in various roles including R&D Scientist and Technical Service Manager.