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Pairat Pipattanaboon

The Use of Performance Additives in Solving Colour Float Issues

The development of stable colour formulations continues to challenge manufacturers in waterborne and solvent-based applications as new technologies, performance requirements and regulatory mandates are bestowed upon us. “Colour flooding”, “colour floating” and their causes will be defined in this presentation. A systematic formulating approach can be implemented to eliminate colour float. The selection and optimization of performance additives, such as dispersants, wetting agents and rheology modifiers, and their impact on improving and stablizing the colour uniformity of coatings will be discussed.

Pairat Pipattanaboon joined Troy Siam Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Troy Corporation, USA) in 2016 as the regional technical sales manager to develop performance additives market in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa & India (APMEAI).

Pairat has led businesses across the regions and since joining Troy Siam, has managed the company’s operations in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa & India. Troy has been a driver in performance additives in waterborne and solvent-based coatings such as wetting additives, dispersing additives, defoamers, rheology modifiers and also powder coating additives.

Prior to Troy, Pairat graduated from College of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. He has been involving regional technical sales with coatings and construction applications in South East Asia for more than 25 years with Dow, National Starch and Chemical, Rohm and Haas and Hercules/Ashland.