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David Nation

High Throughput Experimentation – A Faster Path to Innovation and Success

Achieving a balance of desired paint performance characteristics can be challenging, resource-intensive, and time-consuming to paint manufacturers.

The Dow Chemical Company has developed high throughput methodologies to facilitate the quick screening of large libraries of coatings samples, shortening the innovation timeline for new technologies and increasing the compositional breadth for formulating products to address market needs. Here we address the development and advantages of recent high throughput methods and their use toward achieving designated performance targets and understanding market landscapes. Specific examples include methods that address MPI specifications and case studies that highlight benefits of high throughput over traditional laboratory approaches.

David Nation, Technical Service and Development Manager for Dow Coating Materials, Australia and New Zealand.

David obtained his PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from Flinders University in South Australia in 1994. After the completion of his studies, David pursued Postdoctoral Research positions in the US and UK investigating corrosion inhibitors for water-borne coatings. Upon returning to Australia in 2000, David joined AkzoNobel Powder Coatings as a Development Chemist quickly rising to Technical Management roles within ANZ and SEA. After leaving AkzoNobel in 2014 David spent two years with Huntsman Agrochemical Surfactants as an Applications Specialist before returning to the coatings industry in the form of his current role with Dow which he has held since October 2017.