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Daniel Palm - Dow Chemical Australia Ltd

Shaping the Future of Surface Coatings Preservation

Biocides, in a surface coatings application, are essential – you can have the world’s best formulation but without the right preservation package it’s ineffective. Surface coatings preservation, both in-can and dry-film, is a rapidly evolving environment: we demand more from less. We’re driven to provide low to no VOC formulations, low ecological and mammalian toxicology profiles, and we’re driven to use more sustainable raw materials whilst delivering on greater functionality from our surface coatings products. So how do we achieve the balance of regulatory compliance, consumer pressures and offering sustainable products, whilst meeting increased functionality demands from our biocides? As an industry we need to evolve using our knowledge from the past to drive innovation for the future.

In this paper we will consider the pressures being placed on surface coatings formulators from local and overseas regulations, to functionality requirements. We’ll also review alternatives to traditional chemistries that meet the demands being placed on us as manufacturers and ways in which these can be employed to meet an evolving and rapidly changing landscape.

Daniel Palm is a Customer Application Specialist with Dow Microbial Control and commenced in that role in 2010. Daniel is responsible for managing the advanced Microbiology laboratory, referred to as Dow Microbial Controls Customer Application Centre in Altona, Victoria, Australia. In Daniels role the provides technical support and assistance to customers in the Australia & New Zealand region.

This support includes the use of biocides and microbial control strategies in both products/formulations and R&D, also, integral to his role, is supporting customers in plant hygiene, biocide handling and safe use, product stewardship, and regulatory compliance.

Daniel graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Biotechnology in 2004. He specialised in Microbiology and, during his career, has run a number of QA/QC and R&D laboratories in a wide range of industries.