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Courtney Taylor, OSM Group

Health & Safety at Work Act

Health & Safety at Work Act
The new Health & Safety at Work Act was created to minimise the number of deaths and serious injuries that occur in workplaces in New Zealand.

The legislation now in force is stronger than it has ever been, with a requirement for everyone to be involved, and actively participating in Health & Safety at their workplace. While the news is highlighting the new responsibilities of Directors and Owners, everyone from the managers to staff also have responsibilities. The “She’ll be right” attitude is no longer acceptable. This talk goes through the requirements and responsibilities of everyone’s roles, so you know what is expected of everyone you work with, including yourself!

Courtney Taylor is a Risk Management Specialist with more than 30 Years’experience working in both Australia and NZ. Courtney is the MD of OSM Ltd who provide a professional advisory and consulting service across all industry
groups in the specialist field of managing workplace hazards in a very pragmatic manner.

Courtney has spent 9 years as a front line health care professional as a paramedic in QLD Australia and has a keen interest in the behavioural sciences and holds formal qualifications in Health & Safety and Industrial Psychology.