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Alan Dickson, Research Scientist, SCION

Wood Structure and How it relates to Coatings

Wood is a biocomposite material that has two basic roles in a tree; to structurally support the weight of the leaves and branches, and to conduct water to them. It has evolved over millions of years and has a complex structure to meet the ‘design’ requirements to perform these functions. When humans use wood, they usually take it beyond its original design specifications and this has a number of consequences.

This presentation will give an overview of wood structure and function and how its properties affect its end-use performance. It will cover aspects of plant anatomy macro to ultrastructural level, with special reference to the role of water.

Alan Dickson is a botanist and microscopist who has worked on the end-use of wood fibre for over 20 years. His active areas of research have principally been in pulp/paper, printability, dimensional stability and wood plastic composites.

His particular interest lies in the role of fibre dimensions and structure in product performance.