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AUCKLAND: Wine and Canapy Tasting Evening

Date: Thursday, 9th May 2019
Time: 5.30pm arrival for 6.00pm start
Location: Horse & Trap, 3 Enfield Street, Mt Eden, Auckland

Sometimes it is nice to use chemistry in normal life, e.g. learning out how a wine tastes as it does, what food goes really good with different wines, how the night gets more fun after 3 wine tastings, etc.

We have a fantastic sommelier who will be leading the night, matching 5 wines and canapes together and explaining the intricacies of why wine is just so good.

Dane Jardine is our host, and he knows his stuff. Everyone who has heard him talk have been incredibly impressed and came out appreciating wine and its complexities so much more.

More information will be sent out shortly because there will be a cost for this, but we are limited to 60 people, so if you are interested in coming along (and bringing your partner, friend, business associate, etc), please email Donna at [email protected].