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Mr Scott Brown - Lonza

Globalization & Hazard Communication – New Regulatory Challenges for Coatings Formulators

In today’s globalised architectural coatings market there is free movement of raw materials and technology across international borders. This globalisation has provided benefits, however as global supply chains become interconnected and interdependent there is greater potential for disruption from regional regulatory changes.

While any raw material can potentially be impacted, the antimicrobials (biocides) used in coatings pose a unique challenge to formulators, as they are often subject to obscure regulatory provisions. Members of the isothiazolinone class are among the most commonly used biocides. Changes in the European hazard communication requirements have impacted isothiazolinone biocides, and created uncertainty in the labelling required for international movement of water-based raw materials.

More recently, for some of the isothiazolinones, proposals have been made at the European ECHA sub-committee level for a significant lowering of the hazard communication trigger concentrations. If these proposals are adopted, then further supply chain disruption is anticipated.

Scott Brown leads Lonza’s Materials Protection Applications Technology group. He is based in the United States but supports the coatings application area globally. Scott has worked in the coatings industry for more than twenty-five years, with a particular focus on the development, selection, and use of biocides by the coating industry.