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Mr Peter Harbers - Uniqchem

New generation of universal high performance additives for coating and ink suited in water-, solvent- borne and solvent-free applications


The function and the performance of additives for Coating and Inks is very strongly dependent on the chemical structure of the additives.

UNIQchem has for the last year focused on new types of dispersing agents, leveling agents and defoamers to get advanced performances.

The main focus has been on Water borne system and Universal additives, these will be in the coming years very important for new coating and ink developments.

The chemical structure of dispersing additives always contains more than 2 functions with restrictions of activities and compatibility in the system. Anchor groups are active at the pigment surface to achieve excellent adhesion to the pigment particles to avoid flocculation.

At well as the anchor group, the polymer group is also very important, it works with the binder system with best compatibility and create distance between the particles.

The main challenge is there are so many different chemistry of pigments and therefore not easy to develop just one additive suitable for the different pigments and binders. Therefore a Tailor Made product is the best way to fulfil the customer requirements and UNIQchem are focusing in this area to provide solutions for our customers. The new Universal dispersing additive development, defoaming technology, universal silicone free wetting and flow agents, will be discussed during this presentation.

Graduated in 1988, joined Exachem R&D manager automotive and refinish coatings.
2000 joined EFKA Additives. Technical service, Application and Product Development, Technical Marketing Manager.
2012 Beckers in Guangzhou Technical Director CDF, 3C coatings
2014 Marabu Technical Director for the touch screen glass coatings.
2016 UNIQCHEM global Director Marketing and Technology.