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Mr Neil Debenham - NZPMA

IPPIC – Global Communication, Cooperation and Coordination

New Zealand has always punched above our weight when it comes to sporting and business endeavours. This is impressive, considering our size and location. Unfortunately, those factors can mean that we are not always kept in the loop with events happening around the world that may impact our industry. While it is always a constant challenge for the NZPMA to manage the myriad of domestic regulations, it has become increasingly difficult to interpret the potential impact of foreign issues. With this in mind, the NZPMA decided to join IPPIC – the International Paint and Printing Ink Council, who are “the Association of Associations”.

IPPIC was formed in 1992 because common issues facing the paint and printing ink industries on a global level were increasing significantly, and in the 25 years since, this hasn’t changed. IPPIC works to improve communication and coordinate policy on matters of international concern to the paint and printing inks industry. This work is respected throughout the world, and since 2005 IPPIC has been granted NGO status from the United Nations Economic and Social Council, so they can highlight international industry issues to the UN and its governing body. The impact of this cannot be minimised, and IPPIC are working constantly on keeping up to date with the main issues that impact the global paint manufacturing industry, and yes, that does included New Zealand!

This presentation will give an overview of the issues IPPIC are either monitoring, or currently working on.

Neil Debenham FTSC is the current President of the NZ Paint Manufacturers Association, a role he has held for the past 12 years. He also works full-time as Regulatory Affairs Manager for Altex Coatings Ltd., a small-medium sized industrial paint manufacturer based in Tauranga. Neil has a passion for the NZ Paint Industry and especially the levelling of the Regulatory playing fields, to this end, in 2016, he was appointed the NZPMA’s representative to the global forum known as IPPIC…..