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Mr Daniel Lee – Allnex

Novel oil-modified acrylic multi-domain dispersions

Waterborne acrylic dispersions and alkyd emulsions have been extensively used for architectural coatings for decades, each technology having its advantages and drawbacks. While alkyd emulsions generally exhibit very good application characteristics such as high gloss and good penetration, they lack in performance for weathering resistance.

Acrylic dispersions, conversely, are disadvantaged in terms of flow, levelling and appearance, but perform well for outdoor durability. Many attempts have been undertaken to find the balance of performance by hybrid technology approaches but without true success. As such, solvent-based alkyds are still prevalent across a number of categories due to their high gloss, hardness and application behaviour.

The presented work highlights a novel synthetic approach to oil modified acrylic multi-domain dispersions combining acrylic-like outdoor durability with alkyd-like appearance and application behaviour thus further increasing the potential prevalence of sustainable, water-based coatings.

Daniel started his career in the printing inks industry in the UK just over 20 years ago, after graduating from Manchester University with a postgraduate degree in ‘Molecular Engineering’. This sounds much grander than it is and Daniel requests you don’t ask him any questions on exactly what Molecular Engineering was or is!

He worked for BASF as a chemist and Technical Manager before migrating to Australia in 2003 to work and take a shareholding in a small, flexible packaging company. From here he joined PPG Industries where he was Technical Director for ANZ & China for Decorative Coatings, having responsibility for R&D, Quality Control and Product Management at various times.

He joined Nuplex in July 2016 and took his current position of Regional Development Director for APAC when Nuplex merged with Allnex at the end of 2016. Somewhere along the line he obtained a MBA from Deakin University in Melbourne.