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Hannah Robinson - Ferrier Research Institute

A two-pack presentation: developing new technologies for coatings (co-written & presented with Dr Simon Hinkley)

The process of inventing new chemistry to tackle established problems has a number of fishhooks. Cost, ease of manufacture, stability and compatibility with existing technologies all serve to constrain the molecular structure under development. Let us not forget the issue of some jurisdictions’ regulatory hurdles that almost proscribe the introduction of any new chemical into the environment.

In this two-part, two-person presentation we will provide a snapshot of research completed in our group that we propose could meet the aforementioned limitations, while still demonstrating novelty and creativity suitable for the intended applications. Some new chemistry of acyl hydrazides, an established industrial crosslinking methodology, will be discussed. In part-two we will present a perspective on our very recent work into marine antifouling-coatings.

Hannah Robinson is a Chemistry PhD student at the Ferrier Research Institute, Victoria University of Wellington. Her research concerns the development of novel antifouling surfaces for the prevention of biofouling, and this technology intends to provide a more environmentally-friendly alternative to the current methods, which are facing increased regulatory pressure. Hannah has worked as an analytical chemist for The Dow Chemical Company Michigan Operations and a research assistant conducting genetic engineering at The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). She received her MSc degree in Medical Microbiology from the LSHTM, and her BS Biochemistry degree from Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan.