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Dr Tim Kemmitt, Callaghan Innovation

Micro-encapsulation of active ingredients

Micro-encapsulation of active ingredients has been around a long time, with one of the first applications being in scratch-and-sniff panels in magazines. The micro-encapsulated perfume was released by puncturing the polymer spheres by the action of scratching. In the paint and coatings industry micro-encapsulation has been applied in anticorrosion, self-healing coatings, pigment encapsulation and intumescent ingredients. Encapsulated ingredients can either be sealed for the lifetime of the coating, or released due to some external stimulus such as temperature, impact, UV, pH etc. Alternatively, the encapsulation can be porous to allow slow release of antimicrobials for example. There are also many more potential applications that have been relatively unexplored and opportunities for innovation exist.
My presentation will describe some recent advances in this area and discuss new potential applications in coatings, polymers, inks and adhesives.

Tim Kemmitt is a Materials Research Chemist. He has worked with many industries in New Zealand solving production issues for manufacturers and introducing and developing new products and technologies for New Zealand companies. He is a Principal Scientist in Research and Technical Services division of Callaghan Innovation.