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Dr Shirish Daptardar - Ashland

New Age Thickeners for Formulating Near 0-VOC Waterborne Architectural Coatings

Optimal rheology is key to deliver paint performance across multiple attributes (sag, levelling, hide, spatter resistance, workability, etc.). Minimization of VOCs in paints creates challenges to maintain or improve paint properties. Low VOC and higher quality paint systems require improved rheology to achieve performance targets.

Meeting quality expectations from low- to near 0-VOC coatings requires quality response from Hydrophobically Modified Nonionic Synthetic Polymers suppliers side. Wide range of Ashland NonIonic Synthetic Associative Thickeners and their combination with multiple thickeners can deliver optimal rheology and flexibility to increasingly demanding paint formulations.

This paper talks about novel Hydrophobically Modified Nonionic Synthetic Polymers and some combinations of multiple thickeners to address the challenges where Ashland play an important role as one of the leading suppliers of rheology modifiers.

Dr Shirish Daptardar obtained his PhD in Physical Chemistry from Mumbai University Department of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, in the year 1994. In last 23 years of his career, he worked in the field of pigments and paints in various capacities with organisations like heubach, Kansai Nerolac Paints, Gharda Chemicals, Pidilite Industries and DuPont. Dr Daptardar has extensively travelled across many countries and has presented papers in coating show in India and abroad. Currently, he is working in Ashland as a Technical Director for rest of Asia for the industrial speciality ingredients and heading Ashland industrial specialities technical centre in Mumbai.