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Dr Harold Schoonbrood - Wacker

Vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer dispersions and dispersible powders in coatings and construction applications

This presentation touches on the properties and applications of VAE polymers in paints and in various construction applications. VAE dispersions have been used in interior paints for many years in the USA, and in Europe, and are finding a home in paints in Asia as well. On these shores VAE polymers have been used for many years as well, though not paints but in cementitious renders and tile adhesives. It also addresses some sustainability aspects.

HS studied chemical engineering at the Eindhoven University of technology in The Netherlands and completed a PhD in polymer chemistry and the same university, including a stint at Sydney University. He then finished a post-doctoral project on polymerisable surfactants at the University of the Basque Country in San Sebastian in Spain. He then joined what was then called Rhodia at its RND centre in Paris working mainly on acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives and water-soluble polymers for biocide delivery in toothpaste. He then joined Dulux in 1999 as a chemist working on acrylic paint binders. Via a short stint at BASF selling dispersions for paper coatings he joined Wacker Chemicals Australia in various roles selling and technically supporting for the Polymers division (dispersible powders, solid PVAc resins, chlorinated resins and the Silicones division (construction and coating products). His current role is Business Director for the business unit Construction Polymers.