Papers from Convention 2016

The 2016 SCANZ Convention on "Back to the Future" had some fantastic speakers, presenting some fascinating papers.

For those who would like more information, we have listed their contact details below. In some cases, we have been given permission to upload a copy of their presentation, and this is under their name.

Dr Jia Tang
Dow Chemical Company (China)
Novel Acrylic Epoxy Hybrid Technology for Metal and Concrete Protection
For information, please contact Leanne Haworth
[email protected]
Phone: +64 9 270 7012
Please contact Leanne for more information about Dr Jia's presentation

Peter Caley
Covestro Pty Ltd
Polyaspartic Urethane Coatings – Reducing Cost and Improving Painting Throughout
[email protected]
Phone: +61 3 9581 9858
Please contact Peter for information regarding his presentation

Catherine Beard
Manufacturing NZ, part of Business NZ
NZ Manufacturing Update
[email protected]
Phone: 04 496 6560

Portable Document Format (PDF)1050am Catherine Beard Manufacturing NZ (2.81mb)

Richard Hansen
Dulux Paints
The Changing Shape of the NZ Paint Market
[email protected]
Phone: 04 576 6543

Portable Document Format (PDF)1130am Dulux Presentation To SCANZ 2016 (2.17mb)

Richard Wheen
A New Generation of Acrylic Binders for Decorative and Flooring Applications
[email protected]
Phone: ++61 2 9666 0387
Please contact Richard for information regarding his presentation

Jonathan Huang
Croda Australia
Sustainable Alkyd Based Coatings
Please contact Yash Singh for more information
[email protected]

Portable Document Format (PDF)Croda Introduction And Maxemul July 2016 SCANZ To Send (2.79mb)

Alan Dickson
Wood Structure and How it relates to Coatings
[email protected]
Phone: 07 343 5899

Portable Document Format (PDF)1420pm SCANZ Wood Anatomy (10.31mb)

Courtney Taylor
One Stop Management
Health & Safety - Good Governance
[email protected]
Phone: 0800 676 699

Portable Document Format (PDF)Good Governance Health and Safety (277kb)

Daniel Palm
Dow Chemical Australia
Shaping the Future of Surface Coatings Preservation
[email protected]
Phone: +61 3 9956 7535

Portable Document Format (PDF)Shaping The Future Of Surface Coatings Preservation SCANZ 2016 (577kb)

Ross Stevens
Victoria University of Wellington
Digital Craft
[email protected]
Phone: 04 463 6165
Ross did not have a presentation, however is happy for attendees to contact him if you have any questions

Terry Coleman
Coleman Consulting
New Asbestos Act Regulations
[email protected]
Phone: 09 410 7724

Portable Document Format (PDF)0900am Terry Coleman Asbestos Presentation June 2016 (18.95mb)

Phil Wilkinson
Master Painters Association NZ
Master Painters Association and Coating Problems They Encounter
[email protected]
Phone: 021 821 344

Portable Document Format (PDF)0940am What A Painter Wants In A Paint Coating (11.96mb)

Peter Walters
SCANZ Historian
A Brief History of Surface Coatings

Portable Document Format (PDF)1050am History Of Surface Coatings (26.94mb)